Resort Rental Network Pinellas Park FL time share sale scam

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They phone out of the blue saying they have a sale for your time share property for a ludicrous amount & then asked me for $1200 up front to "bring me on board"; switched me to someone else who recorded my authorization to my credit card & then e-mailed me the contract which was nothing more than a sales contract...nothing about a buyer or monies held in escrow etc.& when I checked their website they had a duplicate property for sale.

I told them I wasn't signing and they said the $1200 is unrefundable.

Better Business Bureau Tampa has been advised.I will pursue all avenues to get these scam artists.

Review about: Time Share Resale.



I sent them a voice recording of what was said to me and of course they want to do more advertising, which is BS.I too filed with the Florida Attorney General.

I hope they do something about them.Do no do Business with them EVER!!


I too was scammed.Told by a Jessica Mitchell that the property had a buyer.

All I had to do was sign an authorization to charge my credit card for $1,200 , the amount not to be charge until the sale was competed. Thd amount was billed immediately. I called, spoke to a guy named Gary, and told there was no buyer, no guarantee re price or time and that they were only a listing company. I called the credit card company but was unable to get my money refunded.

I notified the Attorney General of FL.

After not being able to reach anyone at the company for two months, I notified the BBB.The outfit is a scam perpetrating a fraud.


A man by the name of John Morgan called me and told me that he had a qualified offer on the table and all I had to do was to get setup.I actually recorded this conversation and still nothing has happened to them.

They are complete liars.

Stay away from all advertising companies.

What can i do about this?


Further to this...had it not been for their very aggressive sales rep telling me the $1200 was not refundable in the first place I would not have gone on the war path; however, it has been resolved.


I had a call to-day informing me that my transaction was voided only after they received call from BBB.It would have saved me a lot of anxiety & reporting everywhere if they had done this in the first place.

I also reported this to the Attorney General so now I have to advise everyone of the outcome.

what a pain but glad this was done.Now my credit card # is compromised so I'll have to go there now.


I had the same thing happen to me and have told them I expect $1200 to be reimbursed immediately as it's within the 3 day cancellation period. Yes, I was not quite as smart as Margdurrance as I was thoroughly convinced the buyer was legit.

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